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The most popular with visitors "old xiamen antique flavor food" fresh selection results

Date: 2014-06-26

2014 Chinese xiamen leisure travel season of the "old xiamen antique flavor food festival" activities in the recently ended, food festival highlights one of the most popular with visitors old xiamen antique flavor food "poll results also fresh. Total aroma mud hide Jane, friend duck line such as 30 that antique flavor food, organizers will soon award for the winning unit.
The contest sponsored by the xiamen municipal tourism bureau, xiamen travel association, xiamen tourism association cooking clubs, restaurants, clubs, ecological leisure tourism section, Asia Pacific tourism development center in xiamen, xiamen evening news. June 11 to June 17, "one of the most popular with visitors old xiamen antique flavor food" network selection and antique flavor food week also held the same period, nearly 30 hotels, restaurant launched 75 gourmet food in ancient flavor food selection. Vote by xiamen travel network and xiamen city tourism bureau official micro letter public platform, network media and newspaper and magazine also to publicity activities. Old antique flavor food selection in a short period of time in xiamen has attracted a lot of attention in society, the campaign has three features:
One is the contestant dishes coverage. Winning 30 dish, not only have the characteristics of xiamen wafers, non Fried, oily green next and e. blood volume, spiced, from food in Singapore, southeast Asia and mf sausage, the ash tree mushroom sandwich bean skin, black MiZong such original food. And cook up these delicious restaurants and hotels, both high-grade star hotel, there are special corner shop. To say the campaign coverage, to participate in the selection of gourmet representative. Secondly, the high social participation. Statistics show that the open vote short week, a total of 667886 people participated in the online voting or micro letter, indirect effects of visitors and citizens more than millions of people, social participation is extremely high. "Old xiamen antique flavor food" become a hot topic, eligible units and submit the ancient taste of food also did very well and display publicity and marketing, has reached the expected purpose. Three media attention is high. People's net, sina, phoenix TV, xiamen evening, hercynian morning paper and so on dozens of media to "old xiamen tour" the tongue of the ancient taste about publicity to the food festival, the xiamen evening news, hercynian morning paper also reported in sheet form.