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Xiamen: summer holidaying unlimited opportunities

Date: 2014-07-30

As summer approaches, xiamen parent-child swimming quickly heating up, for xiamen hotel industry has brought business opportunities. Xiamen hotels promotes the characteristic services in the guest room, dining, etc, all parents and visitors.
Holidaying market day by day the heat
Recently, the reporter in an interview several hotels are found in the hotel lobby waiting for most of the guests with children around the age of five.
R h hotel in xiamen in parent-child suite, a folded towel of the elephant stands on the bed, sophisticated design is easy to cause children's interest. It is understood that the recent launch of the 22 hotel for parent-child family visitors of parent-child suites, usually around 60% occupancy rate, full every day during the holidays.
"After the Dragon Boat Festival small long vacation during our occupancy rate is 100%, parent-child suite full occupancy." Xiamen Thai valley hotel director of sales &marketing ling feng said, "the province outside the guest in the hotel. We launch tourist travel services not only convenient for the guest, also save guests queuing to buy tickets for scenic spots, thus attracted a lot of guests."
"Our hotel launched cartoon modelling of small cakes, pudding, was welcomed by a lot of children. We also introduced a mini hamburgers and antics, attracted many parents with children to participate in the interaction." Xiamen sea view as the director of sales &marketing millennium nguyen tran nam said, "the hotel parent-child travel market has always been a concern in recent years. In order to strive for the aged, children and other special customer, the hotel is equipped with the corresponding service facilities and recreational facilities, the maximum meet the needs of the family travelers."
Features to improve guest satisfaction
Compared to the business guests, parents and children tourists to hotel service, room comfort requirements higher, at the same time pay more attention to the individualized service of a hotel. How to do the hotel service, enhance parent-child satisfaction of people become the problem facing the xiamen hotels around eyes.
The millennium hotel xiamen harbour for parent-child visitors people especially introduced a "check-in enjoy dining discount" activities, 3 people have dinner one single free, also in the Chinese restaurant, Italian restaurant, Japanese restaurant can enjoy a discount. In order to facilitate children's meals, the hotel also specially set up a children's menu. In addition, in terms of guest rooms, the hotel especially introduced the open kitchen in the apartment, guests can look after children, cooking food, feel homely warmth. The hotel also according to the requirements of the guests, free gifts to children with xiamen scenery and the hotel views postcards, not only welcomed by children, many adults also paid tribute to this.
"Location is an advantage of our hotel, near the scenic area, the transportation is convenient." Xiamen h hotel design department manager Witt chan said, "we launched parent-child suites are at the top, the guest can see xiamen one hundred old street zhongshan road in the room, the room is very hot. In order to improve service, we also gave the guests a pineapple cakes welcome fruit tray and characteristics. In addition, because a lot of tourists from other cities want to take children to the seaside to swim, but worry about security problems, our hotel is launched a free swimming pool service for them, and adults can take children to play water at any time."
Reporter saw, the xiamen parent-child h hotel suite cloakroom has children's bathrobe, slippers, bath crock also placed the children like to play with the little duck while taking a bath. Towel on bed folds into the dog, rabbits and other animals.
Xiamen Thai valley hotel in order to expand holidaying market, specially in view of the parent-child drive visitors provide the corresponding services. Such as, provide free parking space, build system of self-inspection, timely understand guests zijia, feedback, etc.
Hotel parent-child products still have development space for the hotel how to seize the parent-child merchants
Machine, industry experts said, in recent years, the family more and more tourists to travel, parent-child swimming is more and more hot, family customer is different from the particularity of business customers, it puts forward the higher request to the hotel service.
Reporter in the interview, found that the hotel in xiamen is a wish to do this product, but in the parent-child travel services, there are some shortcomings. Such as parent-child guests for a telephone reservation, part of the hotel forget about children's gender; Some parents room lack of baby bed, children's TV channel, etc.
In addition, the expert points out, the family parent-child tourists also need to be "private space", it is often ignored by the hotel. Adults take their children to go shopping, for example, often don't feel convenient, so a lot of parents hope hotel in the hotel to set up a temporary "kindergarten," leave the kids in the hotel waiter care.
In addition, food safety is top priority, nguyen tran nam said, to give children to eat food, hotel check is more strict.