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Xiamen hotel restaurant various activities to play children's Day

Date: 2014-05-25

Children's hit dragon-boat festival holiday, must accompany the baby of the family a good fun. Parents are racking their brains, thinking about how extraordinary experience for the children. Herald reporter took you scout ahead and see what interesting activities, fit into your small long vacation plan.
Together to taste the giant jelly Create a world record
3 meters high, 8 cm in diameter, the total weight of 500 kg, for such a big fruit jelly, have you seen yet? On June 1, xiamen big cinemas will make such a giant jellies, let the children to share. Event organizers will grant 3000 testimony, sharing coupons to kids, at 3 PM on June 1, can go to xiamen mouth deli atrium with share coupons, each person to receive a copy of the world's largest fruit jelly.
Chang kempinski: face painting together
June 1 in chang kempinski cafe on the second floor, and draw on a lovely children face painting come to the party. Field is rich in fruit and cedar chocolate in the quarter, and fun of clowns. Children under the age of six free, 6 and 12 years old at half price.