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Xiamen's Gem Hotel (Jinhou jiudian) is located on Zhongshan Road,  a bustling shopping area with convenient transportation links,  and close to local attraction like Gulangyu Islet,  Wanshi Botanicals and the South Putuo Temple.The Hotel has 110 guest rooms,  all equipped with central air conditioning,satellite TVs,International Direct Dial telephones,broadband internet,coffee makers and minibars.[View Detail]

住客评论 3040条评论     4.3分/5分 更多
  • fandong55
    Although the newly renovated, but support is very poor, feel like an ordinary hotel! prices on weekends, not worth
  • lww_2011
    It wasn't too bad.
  • LTT1TT
    Good ... good, right next to the Zhongshan Road, convenient.
  • fujing852200
    Itself can be delayed until 2:30 mentioned above, but ask in the hotel, said only one sentence at the front desk, no, everything is subject to hotel. has been saying a Word, nor accommodation.
  • fairer
    This four-level standards
  • briangoing
  • gjyclm
    One side is the city center Downtown, travel, meal everything was convenient. recommend staying!
  • Jonny.xxf
    In addition to insects, others are satisfied
  • ylsd126
    Great location great! go go walking Street, Zhongshan Road is! go easy! around a 15-minute walk there is a small glass of seafood! ate twice in a row! haha!
  • agaoada
    Hotel location is very good, on Zhongshan Road, the way you can go shopping in the evening. taxi buses are convenient ... or something very close to the University Botanical Garden, you can also walk to the beach. the hotel should be inside the new ... very neat and clean. bed very comfortable, so slept well. all star, Super recommended
  • danfujane
    Bed is very big, very small, is good as a whole, close to Zhongshan Road, convenient
  • maximuscafe
    Hotel very not human, we first, set has room, behind third, again staying, need left-luggage, anyway not agreed, front desk attitude very cold, straight hotel provides luggage left-cannot overnight, we said for we third, also to live, so need left-, later front desk simply not received words has. I is no language has, outside live has so more than shop, first times met such of, attitude extremely cold tough!
  • cavestone
    Hotel location also can. but room small of pocket, night sleep Qian also run out a only cockroaches. such of hotel also can hanging Shang star? at most is a shortcut hotel's. room air conditioning a open, noisy of hell, fundamental can't sleep. self breakfast barely can added a points. most depressed of is, I fell has a support wash surface milk in room. day night call past front desk said help I asked waiter, said fundamental didn't see no. I to, I clear remember I put in wash stage, because worried catchFerry, forget took. This waiter quality imagined. way spit slot about front desk handle staying of speed, slow of mess. visible this hotel of management is how of bad. certainly can thick with skin hanging Shang star, also fundamental matter what management concept. life first times to poor assessment. recommends on quality has requirements of passenger also is select high-end hotel, after all this hotel price pendulum in that, also blame himself cheap.
  • duanjinbo
    It is OK
  • liufen1215
    It's not bad
  • doraemon91
    Good location, near Zhongshan Road, leave bus at Amoy University, 200 meters, very convenient.
  • longde34
    500 meters distance of Zhongshan Road, room, bed was very comfortable, if not enough air conditioning water smell, there is me into the room and found a guest left rubbish on untreated. out need to schedule an appointment in advance by taxi, car is not convenient (because the surrounding traffic jam)
  • e00710507
    Also nice
  • Diana3
    Hotel is good, breakfast is buffet. good. is the door not so good sound insulation.
  • angel1005
    Hotel, transportation is especially convenient, located in the end of Zhongshan Road, convenient to forget in the room, the waiter carefully saved, thank you, then, to keep coming back
  • luella629
    Also the bed was very soft bed that is comfortable but the room had a smell of rancid need to sleep in the evening fresh air ceiling of what has red lights flashing sleep hotel in Nice more than 10-20 minutes ' walk from Zhongshan Road public transport is very convenient
  • BossLeung
    Price and its location is consistent
  • Jeff615626
    Great decoration in the room smell, fail to ask waiters in tins, says repeated questioning could not smell, well speechless!
  • e00002552
    Well, transport facilities, commercial, is the room was a bit small.
  • wajor
    Room was clean, from very close to the pedestrian street, is the room too small
  • david111
    Which is very nice
  • lgy1234
    Environment, geographical location, Kyung is too soft, and first night of toilet water not only spent two nights room change, all OK
  • Lacave
    OK, location is good, room is really small, the bed was comfortable
  • bill.6
    Room is a bit small, others are OK, breakfast.
    Rooms a little crowded, but with balcony are bright spots, I feel very good, location and service was good, breakfast was rich, recommended.
  • rnxdn
    Good. the garden is on the inside not the outside, a bit of ventilation
  • E03530838
    Garden room good,
  • geniis
    Location is quite good, on Zhongshan Road, rain along the arcade didn't quite get to the rooms look good in the lobby, rooms clean, the environment is surprisingly quiet
  • jocye
    Choice pick for a long time and finally chose this because staff very friendly room was big and clean and the service is also very good and very cheap price is great ~? If you later come to Xiamen will choose here ~
  • liangyonggui
    Nice, very warm
  • Giselle01
    It wasn't too bad
  • d00873789
    Cheap good goods less;) Health, outdated facilities, first floor of the hotel was filled with the smell of damp. downtown, not suitable for quiet guest. need to improve overall service levels
  • e00040364
    Live in human hair before bed, which I hate, night birds have been called, affect sleep, originally going to shoot the wedding the next day, well not the spirit, service is good, the General
  • belierb
    Room was small, bathroom upper does not seal, window facing the street was noisy, price is still very high.
  • atsaa
    Smell of the room, and manages its bad, its many people send cards; r small. the activities of the so-called 14;30-check out is false.
  • braveyang1966
    Holiday shopping and dining convenience, reception is very good
  • fmjanson
    Set of standard big bed room, staying Hou think too small has, and added has 50 block for of garden big bed room, although room area as, but garden big bed room outside has a big terrace, like a small garden, feel is comfortable of. room clean, service also thoughtful, main is location good, to Zhongshan Road is convenient. except pillow partial high outside, other didn't what can pick of has, next also will consider live there of.
  • NaiveBB
    Traffic is very convenient, right next to the snack Street, Zhongshan Road, is the room small but adequate
  • fj_einns
    Forget not photograph very well except for toilets may be hotels for a long time all toilets are smelly
  • wuayy
    Convenient to the very close to the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road
  • e00139400
    Room too small, everything else is good
  • crystal37
    Hotel clean and tidy/
  • carollj
    Well, new year's holiday, very close to the pedestrian street! prices are favorable
  • benrbenr
    Hotel location is very good, Zhongshan Road at the other end, very convenient shopping, Zhongshan Road. hotel facilities are good, temporary family room, the bed is very soft and comfortable, there's a small balcony, I feel pretty good. only breakfast to ridicule too, nothing to eat. overall is good.
  • yanglin0623
    Hotel has left-luggage service, facilities OK, selected room of when somewhat not accord, called people up see of room and front desk open of room not as, is with mother with to of, Elevator somewhat fault, to has II floor stopped has not moving, hope hotel to note maintenance Xia. because live in elevator next, noise bad, bed is soft, elderly sleep not habits called front desk replaced bed,, half hours only to! day downstairs shop decoration is noisy, toilet drainage very not ideal, water in ground row notGo, the toilet will be wet, gulangyu island friends to stay in this hotel should pay attention, 27, return to Xiamen North railway station is far away by car, BRT to more than an hour, take a taxi to yibailai. breakfast buffet in the morning, a little shabby.