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"See the sunrise in xiamen map" recommended 19 xiamen see the sunrise

Date: 2014-08-21

Summer is a good time to see the sunrise. Previously, the xiamen daily collection of xiamen good place watching the sunrise, readers have to contact our hotline 968820, weibo, micro recommendation letter. Friends and more like to shoot the sunrise this micro Chen Weigang, took a lot of the beauty of the sunrise, willing to share with readers through our newspaper. This newspaper recommend this site to sort, draw the map of xiamen, see the sunrise. To collect, find a time to get up early and experience a visual feast of nature.
Low point: this Angle is very interesting, just can put the almond shaped pavilion on the month within the aura.
Low position: jimei bridge over the first corner of the overseas Chinese university, not only on the bridge, the bridge traffic lights and turn left, across a bridge, turn left at the first traffic lights, is the almond shaped bay operations center. Can to open to the first crossroads and turn left turn left. Till a door to stop the construction site. The path along the door on the right side of the lake park, 300 meters, you can see the point of view.
Low remind: this Angle is one of the best viewing time is winter.