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How the 7-eleven and wal-mart is tempered?

Date: 2019-02-10

Filed a new retail, believes that many people first reaction is a new species and the wide variety of retail cool shopping experience.However, when people focused attention on the change in the retail terminal, often ignore the hidden "behind the scenes" of the supply chain.Need to know, to efficiently provide beyond the expectations of goods and services for consumers, supply chain is essential to support and guarantee.When the transformation and upgrading of traditional retail formats are change nature of the supply chain should also follow the era.

In fact, compared to the domestic and foreign retailers supply chain construction of more mature, and wal-mart 7-eleven in Japan and the United States is a classic.So, to study and summarize the experience of supply chain, and then indicate the direction for China's new retail supply chain change has its necessity, then there is the article.

7-eleven supply chain: efficient and have the milk of human kindness

About the 7-eleven, people won't feel strange.This was born in Texas, USA, flourishing in Japan's convenience store, by constantly business model innovation, has grown into a phenomenal retail model.

According to deloitte's annual "global retail power" report, issued by the 7-eleven company Seven & I Holdings has been at the top of the main store formats company, the top 20 in the global retail giants.Even if the most serious economic recession in Japan, Japanese companies remain at 7-eleven growth for decades.Today, 7-eleven has in 17 countries and regions in the world has more than 65000 stores, the absolute lead in east Asia, southeast Asia, in North America, northern Europe, Australia also has a good advantage.

Seemingly traditional convenience store can have such achievement, is no accident.Investigate its success, in addition to relying on the intensive distribution network with super long business hours to infinite close to consumers, more important is its competitive supply chain - imagine for little more than sixty thousand covers an area of no storage places, but every day to provide more than 3000 kinds of commodities SKU in terms of convenience, high frequency distribution is a necessary condition, if can't keep up with supply chain, the business will be affected.

Specifically, 7-eleven first divided according to different areas and commodity group, composed of joint distribution center, uniformly set by the center, to each shop distribution.In distribution system, distribution centers are equipped with a computer network can be received every day of all stores in the area of inventory and demand status, so as to provide the supplier's goods delivery more accurate reference.7-eleven also always spare no effort to increase the information assigned to enterprise management, according to public information, since 1978, 7-eleven to information system for at least 6 times to upgrade, and every upgrade greatly improve the efficiency of data transmission between the headquarters and branches, strengthened the item management, to enhance the operation efficiency of supply chain.

In addition, 7-eleven in the process of supply chain management, also do not forget to all user value oriented.Three times a day, for example, the distribution, on the basis of if predicts will happen the next day the weather changes, also could be affected by the goods for a special distribution, which makes all 7-eleven outlets can sell fresh and high value-added goods, significantly improve the consumer shopping experience, also to a certain extent, reduce the cost.At the same time, 7-eleven supply chain under the blessing of information technology, can make full of consumer shopping preferences habits to collect relevant data, in order to master the latest market demand trend, thus achieve C2B on-demand customization production paradigm, avoid the embarrassment of the backlog of unsold goods and inventory.

In conclusion, it is efficient and at 7-eleven's "the milk of human kindness" supply chain construction and management, supporting the front-end retail business success.

Wal-mart's supply chain: advanced technology is a solid guarantee

Besides the 7-eleven convenience store formats, large supermarket also has the industry model of the construction and management of supply chain, it is wal-mart.

Once upon a time, sears retail sales in the United States are dominated for decades, and then wal-mart just a little-known small companies.Established by 1990, however, still less than 30 years of wal-mart, with sales of $32.6 billion, surpassing the one hundred - year - old sears, officially became the largest retail giant.Today, wal-mart is already the world's largest retail chain, even for many years topped the world's 500 JiangGuanJun.And more than ten thousand wal-mart stores has covered 28 countries in the world, receive customer more than 270 million a week, super aircraft carrier's retail industry.

If there is no powerful supply chain as a blessing, the achievement is impossible, and this is precisely proved great about construction of wal-mart supply chain management, specific as follows:

On the one hand, a leading global information system.

Although the retail wal-mart, but never stop the pursuit of high-tech, and constantly try to apply advanced technology to the business.As early as in 1987, for example, wal-mart in the United States built the world's largest civilian satellite communication system, was even more than the telecoms giant AT&T;When competitors to realize the importance of informationization and began to send force, wal-mart has 4000 retail stores worldwide equipped with including satellite monitoring system, customer information management system, distribution center management system, financial management system, personnel management system, and other technical means of information system.

So, thanks to lead the global information system, wal-mart can at any time for distribution of branches around the world and the industry suppliers product exchange of information and data exchange.In particular, wal-mart can in an hour, the world more than ten thousand restaurants in each item of inventory, all stores, sales and inventory again;At the same time, as long as in the wal-mart's satellite communications room after a minute or two, you can know throughout the sales situation, find the day and the total amount of the credit card booking any area, any store, any sales quantity.At the same time, when the company found in the system of goods at the lowest inventory, will be issued to suppliers purchase tips, automatic order for their goods.Through the operation of the high-tech, the company further strengthen the relationships with suppliers, at the same time, greatly improving the orders in the process of purchasing planning, market prediction accuracy, the operation efficiency of supply chain and inventory turnover.

Holographic, on the other hand, the supply chain management has made wal-mart and efficient logistics distribution.

From the distribution center, according to societe generale securities research report, wal-mart began in the early 1980 s, the informationization, wal-mart's electronic data interchange (edi) system has been mature.And then, with the completion of the satellite network construction, wal-mart's distribution center gradually established on the basis of the satellite technology data exchange system.Then the Internet wave hit, wal-mart distribution center information got further development, and implements the distribution center, supplier, transportation system and the connection of each store overall effective.Screening plus goods, packaging, sorting highly modern machinery, quality, and the efficiency is more obvious.

From the transportation system, since 1978, wal-mart has always been adhering to their own team and the concept of the driver, rather like many large retail enterprises will be outsourcing to a professional transportation company transport.So is the logistics of the benefits of flexibility, and then continue to frontline stores offer the best logistics services, to better promote the sale of commodities in the global.At the same time, wal-mart also make full use of global positioning system (GPS), vehicle for all-round monitoring at any time, can accurately lock trucks and the location of the products, so as to improve operation efficiency.